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Do you care whether our government's policies are based on sound science? Worried about health or your kids' science education? Want to know what's up with climate change and energy? Or what we're doing to build the next great American economy? See the Top American Science Questions and sign the call!

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Are we losing what made America great?
A Debate on Science and America’s Future

"Given the many urgent scientific and technological challenges facing America and the rest of the world, the increasing need for accurate scientific information in political decision making, and the vital role scientific innovation plays in spurring economic growth and competitiveness, we call for public debates in which the U.S. presidential and congressional candidates share their views on the issues of The Environment, Health and Medicine, and Science and Technology Policy."

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Selected videos from our signers

Peter Agre

Director, Malaria Research Institute, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2003

Rosina Bierbaum

Former Associate Director, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), current member of PCAST

Steven Chu

Energy Secretary; Former Director, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Nobel Prize in Physics, 1997

Rita Colwell

Former Director, National Science Foundation; Distinguished Professor, Univ. Of Maryland; National Medal of Science, 2006

Peter Frumhoff

Director of Science & Policy, Union of Concerned Scientists; Nobel Peace Prize 2007 (as member of IPCC)

Francesca Grifo

Senior Scientist and Director of the Scientific Integrity Program, Union of Concerned Scientists

John Holdren

Presidential Science Adviser; Former: Chair, AAAS; President and Director, Woods Hole Research Center

Sheril Kirshenbaum

Marine biologist, University of Texas-Austin; cofounder of Science Debate

Kevin Knobloch

President, Union of Concerned Scientists; former Legislative Director for Arms Control and National Security

Lawrence Krauss

Foundation Professor, School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University; cofounder of Science Debate

Neal Lane

Former Science Adviser to President Clinton; Senior Fellow in Science and Technology Policy, Baker Institute, Rice University

Leon Lederman

Former Fermilab director; Pritzker Professor of Science, Illinois Institute of Technology; Nobel Prize in Physics, 1988

Alan Leshner

CEO, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS); Executive Publisher, Science magazine

Jane Lubchenco

Director of NOAA; Former: President, AAAS; Distinguished Professor of Zoology, Oregon State University

John Mather

Senior Project Scientist, James Webb Space Telescope; Time's 100 Most Influential People, 2007; Nobel Prize in Physics, 2006

James McCarthy

Past President, AAAS; Alexander Agassiz Professor of Biological Oceanography, Harvard University

John Podesta

CEO, the Center for American Progress; former Chief of Staff to U.S. President Bill Clinton; Chair, Obama transition team

John Porter

Chair of PBS; Chair of Research!America; Former Congressman (R-IL)

Carl Johan Sundberg

Project Initiator, The Euroscience Open Forum; Senior University Lecturer in Bioentrepreneurship at Karolinska Institutet

Susan Wood

Former Asst FDA Commissioner for Women's Health; Research Professor, George Washington University School of Public Health