Science Debate was co-founded in 2007 by Matthew Chapman, Shawn Lawrence Otto, Chris Mooney, Lawrence Krauss, Austin Dacey, and Sheril Kirshenbaum. Michael Halpern and Darlene Cavalier joined the organization shortly after. The primary reason for starting Science Debate was in response to the near absence of science and technology topics in the presidential debates and in the campaigns. Within weeks of its founding, people and organizations from across the political spectrum signed the following petition:

"Given the many urgent scientific and technological challenges facing America and the rest of the world, the increasing need for accurate scientific information in political decision making, and the vital role scientific innovation plays in spurring economic growth, we call for public debates in which the U.S. presidential and congressional candidates share their views on science and technology, health and medicine, and the environment."

Supporters included prominent institutions such as the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the U.S. National Academies, as well as political strategists ranging from John Podesta, President Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff, on the left to Newt Gingrich, former House Speaker, on the right.

In 2008, then nominees Senator Barak Obama and Senator John McCain agreed to participate in an online “debate.” The candidates’ answers to “The Fourteen Top Science Questions Facing America” were shared widely online and published in the journal Nature. In 2012, a similar endeavor was undertaken with President Obama and then Republican nominee Governor Mitt Romney. Scientific American published the responses and rated them based on current scientific understanding at that time. In both years, the candidates' answers made nearly 850 million media impressions.

In 2016, all four major candidates: President Donald Trump, Senator Hillary Clinton, Governor Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein responded in writing to “Twenty key science questions facing America.” Science Debate is currently expanding to foster public and media engagement on science policy issue as we build our efforts for the 2018 elections and beyond.

Notable Early Signatories

Nobel and Crafoord laureates supporting the call

Peter Agre, Director, Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, Bloomberg School of Public Health; Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2003
David Baltimore , Chairman, American Association for the Advancement of Science; Robert A. Millikan Professor of Biology and Past President, Caltech; Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1975
Eugene Butcher, Professor of Pathology, Stanford University School of Medicine; Crafoord Prize in Polyarthritis, 2004
Eric Chivian, Director, Center For Health And The Global Environment, Harvard Medical School; co-founder, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Nobel Peace Prize, 1985
Steve Chu, Energy Secretary; Past Director, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Professor of Physics and Molecular and Cellular Biology at U.C., Berkeley, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1997
Andrew Fire, Professor of Pathology and Genetics, Stanford University; Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 2006
Val Fitch, Particle physicist, Princeton University, worked on the Manhattan Project while in the Army; Nobel Prize in Physics, 1980
Jerome Friedman, Institute Professor & Professor Of Physics Emeritus, MIT; Nobel Prize in Physics, 1990
Peter Frumhoff, Director of Science & Policy and Chief Scientist, Climate Campaign, Union of Concerned Scientists; Nobel Peace Prize 2007 (as member of IPCC)
Sheldon Glashow, The Metcalf Professor of Mathematics and Physics at Boston University, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1979
David Gross, Director of the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, U.C. Santa Barbara; Nobel Prize in Physics, 2004
Robert Grubbs, Victor and Elizabeth Atkins Professor of Chemistry, CalTech; Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2005
Dudley Herschbach, Frank B. Baird, Jr. Professor of Science, Harvard University; Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1986
Roald Hoffman, Frank H. T. Rhodes Professor of Humane Letters, Cornell University; Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1981
Elisabeth Holland, Senior Scientist, Biogeosciences Program, National Center For Atmospheric Reserch; Nobel Peace Prize 2007 (as member of IPCC)
Robert Horvitz, David H. Koch Professor of Biology, MIT; Nobel Prize in Physiology, 2002
Wolfgang Ketterle, John D. MacArthur Professor of Physics; Director, MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms, Nobel Prize in Physics, 2001
Leon Lederman, Pritzker Professor of Science, Illinois Institute of Technology; Nobel Prize in Physics, 1988
John Mather, Project Scientist, James Webb Space Telescope; Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in The World, 2007; Nobel Prize in Physics, 2006
Craig Mello, Blais Professor of Molecular Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School; Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 2006
Michael Oppenheimer, Albert G. Milbank Professor of Geosciences and International Affairs, Princeton University; Nobel Peace Prize 2007 (as member of IPCC)
David Politzer, The Tolman Professor of Theoretical Physics, CalTech; Nobel Prize in Physics, 2004
Robert Richardson, Director, Kavli Insitute, Cornell University; Nobel Prize in Physics, 1996
Alan Robock, Meteorology Professor, Rutgers University; Nobel Peace Prize 2007 (as member of IPCC)
Edwin Salpeter, Professor Emeritus, Cornell University; Crafoord Prize in Astronomy, 1997
Allan Sandage, Astrophysicist, Observatories of the Carnegie Institution of Washington; Crafoord Prize in Astronomy, 1991
Richard Schrock, Frederick G. Keyes Professor Of Chemistry, M.I.T.; Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2005
Harold Varmus, Director, National Cancer Institute; Past President, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; past director of the National Institutes of Health; Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1989
James Watson, Former President, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Discoverer of the DNA Molecule; National Medal of Science, 1997; Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1962
Frank Wilczek, Herman Feshbach Professor of Physics, M.I.T.; Nobel Prize in Physics, 2004
Ahmed Zewail, Director of the Physical Biology Center for Ultrafast Science & Technology and the NSF Laboratory for Molecular Sciences, Caltech; Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1999

College & University leaders supporting the call

John Anderson, President, Illinois Institute Of Technology
Joseph Aoun, President, Northeastern University
Reginald Avery, President, Coppin State University
Lawrence Bacow, President, Tufts University
Warren Baker, President, California Polytechnic State University
Charles Bantz, Chancellor, IUPUI
Jill Beck, President, Lawrence University
Richard Berman, President, Manhattanville College
Henry Bienen, President, Northwestern University
Robert Birgeneau, Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley
Lee Bollinger, President, Columbia University
Leon Botstein, President, Bard College
David Boren, President, University Of Oklahoma
Alfred Bloom, President, Swarthmore College
Richard Brodhead, President, Duke University
William Brody, President, Johns Hopkins University
Earl Brooks II, President, Tri-State University
Nancy Cantor, Chancellor and President, Syracuse University
Robert Caret, President, Towson University
Wayne Clough, President, Georgia Institute of Technology
Jean-Lou Chameau, President, California Institute of Technology
Carol Christ, President, Smith College
Jared Cohon, President, Carnegie Mellon University
Susan Cole, President, Montclair State University
Richard Cook, President, Allegheny College
Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University
David Daniel, President, University of Texas at Dallas
William Destler, President, Rochester Institute Of Technology
John Dunn, President, Western Michigan University
William Durden, President, Dickinson College
Daniel Elsener, President, Marian College
Stephen Emerson, President, Haverford College
Drew Gilpin Faust, President, Harvard University
John Fry, President, Franklin & Marshall College
Geoff Gamble, President, Montana State University
Alice Gast, President, Lehigh University
Gregory Geoffroy, President, Iowa State University
Philip Gerbino, President, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Jonathan Gibralter, President, Frostburg State University
Amy Gutmann, President, University Of Pennsylvania
Dianne Harrison, President, California State University, Monterey Bay
Ann Weaver Hart, President, Temple University
Randy Helm, President, Muhlenberg College
John Hennessy, President, Stanford University
Richard Herman, Chancellor, University Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Susan Hockfield, President, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Freeman Hrabowski, President, University Of Maryland, Baltimore County
Mark Huddleston, President, University Of New Hampshire
Shirley Ann Jackson, President, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; former Chair, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (1995-1999)
Rev. John Jenkins, President, University of Notre Dame
Eric Kaler, President, University of Minnesota
Albert Karnig, President, California State University, San Bernardino
Don Kassing, President, San Jose State University
Bob Kerrey, President, The New School; Former Governor and U.S. Senator from Nebraska
Neil Kerwin, President, American University
William Kirwan, Chancellor, University System of Maryland
Maria Klawe, President, Harvey Mudd College
Marvin Krislov, President, Oberlin College
Sister Elise Kriss, President, University Of Saint Francis
Timothy Lannon, President, Creighton University
Karen Lawrence, President, Sarah Lawrence College
Stan Liberty, President, Kettering University
Sally Mason, President, University of Iowa
Richard McCormick, President, Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey
Roderick McDavis, President, Ohio University
Michael McGinniss, President, La Salle University
Mary Meehan, President, Alverno College
Alan Merten, President, George Mason University
C.D. Mote, Jr., President, University Of Maryland
Glenn Mroz, President, Michigan Technological University
Elisabeth Muhlenfeld, President, Sweet Briar College
Robert Myers, President, Daniel Webster College
Georgia Nugent, President, Kenyon College
James Oblinger, Chancellor, North Carolina State University
Robert Oden, President, Carleton College
David Oxtoby, President, Pomona College
Constantine Papadakis, President, Drexel University
Larry Penley, Chancellor & President, Colorado State University System
Rollin Richmond, President, Humboldt State University
Michael Roth, President, Wesleyan University
Mordechai Rozanski, President, Rider University
Brian Rosenberg, President, Macalester College
John Sexton, President, New York University; Chair, New York Academy of Sciences
Donna Shalala, President, University of Miami; former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS)
Judith Shapiro, President, Barnard College
Robert Shelton, President, The University Of Arizona
Ruth Simmons, President, Brown University
John Simpson, President, University at Buffalo, State University of New York
David Skorton, President, Cornell University
Barbara Snyder, President, Case Western Reserve University
Deborah Stanley, President, State University of New York, Oswego
Charles Steger, President, Virginia Tech
Christopher Thomforde, President, Moravian College
Thelma Thompson, President, University of Maryland, Eastern Shore
Holden Thorpe, Chancellor, University Of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Shirley Tilghman , President, Princeton University
Stephen Weber, President, San Diego State University
Daniel Weiss, President, Lafayette College
John Welty, President, California State University, Fresno
John White, Chancellor, University of Arkansas
Jack Wilson, President, University of Massachusetts
David Wolk, President, Castleton State College
James Wright, President, Dartmouth College
Nancy Zimpher, President, University Of Cincinnati
Arthur Hansen, President Emeritus, Purdue University, Georgia Tech, and Texas A & M University
Robert Glidden, President Emeritus, Ohio University
John Palms, President Emeritus, University Of South Carolina
Harold Shapiro, President Emeritus, Princeton University; economist and bioethicist

Government leaders supporting the call

Brian Baird, Former Congressman, (D-WA-3), Fmr Chairman, Research and Science Education Subcommittee, Science and Technology Committee
Rosina Bierbaum, Former Associate Director, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP); Dean of the School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan
Joseph Bordogna, Former Deputy Director, National Science Foundation; Alfred Fitler Moore Professor Of Engineering, University Of Pennsylvania
Steven Chu, Energy Secretary; Past Director, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Professor of Physics and Molecular and Cellular Biology at U.C., Berkeley, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1997
Rita Colwell , Former Director, National Science Foundation 1998-2004; Distinguished Professor, University Of Maryland/Johns Hopkins University School Of Public Health; National Medal of Science, 2006
George Cowan, White House Science Council member under President Reagan; Recipient, Enrico Fermi Award; founding member, Santa Fe Institute; conducted nuclear research with the Manhattan Project
Vern Ehlers, Former Congressman, (R-MI-3), Fmr Ranking Republican, House Subcommittee on Research & Science Education
Vernon Ellingstad, Director, Office of Research and Engineering, National Transportation Safety Board
Sam Farr, Congressman, (D-CA-17)
Bill Foster, Former Congressman, (D-IL-14)
William Fraser, Chief Geologist, California Division of Safety of Dams
Richard Garwin, Member President's Science Advisory Committee, 1962-65, 1969-72, (Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon), Defense Science Board 1966-69; Council Member, National Academy of Sciences; Former Director IBM Watson Lab; IBM Research Center Fellow Emeritus
John Gibbons, Former Science Adviser to President Clinton
Wayne Gilchrest, Congressman, (R-MD-1)
Newt Gingrich, Former U.S. Speaker of the House
Bart Gordon, Congressman, (D-TN-6) Fmr Chairman, U.S. House Committee on Science and Technology
John Holdren, Science Advisor to President Obama; Director of White House OSTP, Past President and Director, Woods Hole Research Center; Past Chair, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Rush Holt, Congressman, (D-NJ-12)
Jay Inslee, Former Congressman, (D-WA-1)
William Jeffrey, Director, Science and Technology Division, Studies and Analyses Center, Institute for Defense Analyses; Former Director, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); Former Senior Director of Homeland and National Security in the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)
Mauri Katz, Former Director, U.S. Dept. of Energy, Office of Defense Program Laboratories
Alexander King, Director, Ames Laboratory, U.S. Dept. of Energy
Nancy Kopp, State Treasurer, State of Maryland
Jean Kranz, Senior Advisor For Space, U.S. House of Representatives
Madeleine Kunin, Former Governor, State of Vermont; Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education; Former Ambassador to Switzerland
Michael Lach, Head of High School Teaching and Learning, Chicago Public Schools
Christopher Landsea, Science and Operations Officer, NOAA/NWS/National Hurricane Center
Neal Lane, Former Science Adviser to President Clinton
Jim Leach, Former Congressman (R-IA-2); Director, Institute of Politics, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; former Chair, Banking and Financial Services Committee, Subcommittee on Asian and Pacific Affairs, and Congressional-Executive Commission on China
Jane Lubchenco, Undersecretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere; Director of NOAA, Past President, American Association for the Advancement of Science; Distinguished Professor of Zoology, Oregon State University
Jack Markell, State Treasurer, State of Delaware
Thomas Mason, Director, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Dept. of Energy
Betty McCollum, Congresswoman (D-MN-4)
Jerry McNerney, Congressman (D-CA-11); Fmr Vice Chair, Research and Science Education Subcommittee, Science and Technology Committee
Marcia McNutt, Director of USGS; Past President & CEO, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
David Michaels, Former Asst. Secretary, U.S. Dept. of Energy; Director, The Project on Scientific Knowledge and Public Policy and Acting Chairman, Dept. of Environmental and Occupational Health, George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services
Brad Miller, Congressman, (D-NC-13); Fmr Chairman, Investigations and Oversight Subcommittee, Science and Technology Committee
Rebecca Otto, State Auditor, State of Minnesota
Malcolm Peterson, NASA Comptroller, 1993-2002; SES Presidential Rank Award
John Podesta, Former White House Chief of Staff, President Clinton; CEO, the Center for American Progress
John Porter, Chair, PBS; Chair, Research!America; Former Congressman (R-IL); former chair, House Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Subcommittee
Lois Quam, Executive Director, Global Health Initiative (GHI), U.S. Department of State
Jim Ramstad, Former Congressman, (R-MN)
Andrew Reynolds, Deputy Science & Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State
R.T. Rybak, Mayor, City of Minneapolis
Greg Simon, Former Chief Domestic Policy Advisor to Vice President Al Gore; President, Fastercures
Walter Slocombe, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, 1994-2001; Senior Advisor for National Security and Defense, Coalition Provisional Authority for Iraq, 2003
James Tate, Jr., Former Science Advisor to the Secretary of the Interior
Harold Varmus, Director, National Cancer Institute; Past President, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; past director of the National Institutes of Health; Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1989
Tim Walz, Congressman, (D-MN-1)
Susan Wood, Former Asst. Commissioner for Women’s Health for FDA; Research Professor, George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services

Business leaders supporting the call

John Abele , Founding Chairman, Boston Scientific; Board Chair, First
Jonathan Adler, President, Mediflex Surgical Products
Alfonso Alanis, Chairman & CEO, Anaclim
Irving Alne , Former President, Lockheed Aircraft International
Cindy Angerhofer , Executive Director of Botanical Research, Aveda
Laura Asiala , Director of Corporate Citizenship, Dow Corning
Norm Augustine , Former CEO, Lockheed Martin Corp.; former Undersecretary of the Army and chairman of NASA Space Systems and Technical Advisory Board; Member, President George W. Bush's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology
Gordon Bell , Principal Researcher, Microsoft; 1991 National Medal of Technology
Stephen Berger , Chairman, Odyssey Investment Partners, former Executive Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Chairman of the Commission on Healthcare Facilities in the 21st Century
Craig Barrett , Former Chairman, Intel
Greg Borton , CEO, Listening Methods
Phillip Brooks , CEO, H. Brooks and Company
Arne Carlson , Former Republican Governor of Minnesota; former Chairman, American Express Funds' Board of Directors
Richard Caro , CEO, CMC Associates
Charles Chidekel , Vice President, Engineering Division, Jackson & Tull Aerospace
Sanford Cohen , President, S. Cohen & Associates
Daniel Cook , President, Conservation Solutions Corporation
Charles de Seve President, American Economics Group
Michel Dalal President, Nevelex Corporation
Brian Dear Chairman & Founder, Eventful
Nicholas Duffek President, RealEd Solutions
Geoffrey Engelstein President, Grt-Mars
Robert Facchina , CEO, Johanna Foods
David Forney , Former Vice President, Motorola; President, IEEE Information Theory Society; Adjunct Professor, MIT
Sheila Galloway, Executive Director, Merck Research Laboratories
Eric Hedman , CTO, Logic Design Corporation
John Hidley , Co-founder, Behavioral Science Technology
Chris Hinch , Founder, TracPlus Global
James Hollenhorst , Senior Director, Intellectual Property Strategy, Agilent Technologies
John Hyfantis , President, Energistics
Jake Janovetz , President, Opal Kelly
Mae Jemison , President, Biosentient Corporation; NASA Astronaut 1987-93
Thomas Kelly , CEO, Imago Scientific Instruments Corporation
Stephen Kent , President & CEO, New Track Media publishers
Elizabeth Kerr , Director of Marketing, Science & Technology, Apple Computer
Alan Kriegstein , President, ALA Scientific Instruments
Karen Lackey , Vice President, Chemistry, GlaxoSmithKline
Paul Laikind , CEO, Metabasis Therapeutics
Brett Levine , President, Dovetail Software
Martin Manley, Chairman and CEO, Alibris, Inc; former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor
James McCarter, President And Chief Scientific Officer, Divergence
John McDonnell, Former Chairman, CEO & President, McDonnell Douglas; Board Director, Boeing
Michael McQuade, Senior Vice President, Science And Technology, United Technologies Corporation
Richard Meyers, President and CEO, GlobalTrak
Richard Mohring, CTO, Millennium Cell
Christopher Murphy III, Chairman & CEO, 1st Source Bank
Elon Musk, CEO & CTO, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), CEO & Product Architect, Tesla Motors
Albert Nelson, COO, SC Power Systems
Peter Norvig, Director of Research, Google Inc; Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence; Former head of Computational Sciences Division at NASA Ames Research Center; Awarded NASA Exceptional Achievement Award in 2001
William Pelton, President, Phoenix Geoexploration
Frank Peters, Chairman, Board Of Governors, Tech Coast Angels
Richard Powers, President & CEO, BCI Engineers & Scientists
Nicholas Pritzker , Chairman and CEO, Hyatt Development Corporation
Martin Rose, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Otsuka America Pharmaceutical
Srinivas Raman, Vice President, Phoenix Technologies
James Rutt, Former CEO of Network Solutions; former CTO of The Thomson Corporation; business strategist
Richard Sapienza, CEO, METSS Corporation
David Sawyer, President, Context
George Scalise, President, Semiconductor Industry Association; Member, President George W. Bush's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology; Former Executive Vice President of Operations and Chief Administrative Officer at Apple Computer; Former Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Ben Schwegler, Vice President & Chief Scientist, Walt Disney Imagineering R&D
Shuvayu Sen, Director, Global Outcomes Research and HTA, Merck & Co.
Greg Simon, President, Fastercures
Ian Smith, President, Freeverse
Kurt Stammberger, Vice President, Proofspace
Rajiv Tandon, CEO, Adayana
Richard Templeton, President and CEO, Texas Instruments
Bill Teudt, Manager, Environmental Affairs, Pfizer
Mark Thompson, President, Forefront Economics
Beverly Benz Treuille, President, Huber Investment Company; Chairman of the Board, Big Brothers Big Sisters International
Sibley Verbeck, CEO, The Electric Sheep Company, one of MIT Technology Review's top 100 technology innovators worldwide under the age of 35
Cynthia Wainwright, Former Corporate Philanthropist for J.P. Morgan Chase; Community Leader
Vivian Walworth, President and CTO, StereoJet
Mark Weber, President, Fermalogic

Editors, writers & other thought leaders supporting the call

Paula Apsell, Senior Executive Producer, NOVA
Jennifer Bardi, Editor-in-Chief, The Humanist
Rudy Baum, Editor-in-Chief, Chemical & Engineering News
Gary Beach, Publisher, CIO Magazine
Timothy Beardsley, Editor-in-Chief, BioScience
Adam Bly, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Seed Media Group
Stewart Brand, Cofounder, Global Business Network Creator of Whole Earth Catalog Author; National Book Award, 1972
David Brin, Scientist, public speaker and author; Hugo and Nebula award winner for bestselling science fiction novels
Deborah Byrd, Editor-in-Chief and founder, Earth & Sky international science radio series & website
Hank Campbell , CEO, ScientificBlogging.com
Phillip Campbell , Editor-in-Chief, Nature
Chad Cohen, Producer, National Geographic Television
Dwight Corrin, Moderator of the Synod of Mid America of the Presbyterian Church (USA)
Steven Davidson , Publisher, Amazing Stories Magazine
Mariette DiChristina , Editor-in-Chief, Scientific American
Ann Druyan , CEO, Cosmos Studios; cowriter, Cosmos TV series (with Carl Sagan and others); producer, Contact
Edward Egelman , Editor-in-Chief, Biophysical Journal
Robert Eshbach , Science Teacher, Dover Area High School; 2006 AAAS Scientific Freedom and Responsibility award; 2006 NSTA Presidential Citation
Harold Evans, Author They Made America: From the Steam Engine to the Search Engine, Two Hundred Years of Innovators and of The American Century; BBC Columnist, editor at large, The Week Magazine
Rick Feinberg , Editor-in-Chief, Sky & Telescope
Ira Flatow, Executive Producer and Host, NPR's Talk of the Nation: Science Friday
Kevin Finneran , Editor-in-Chief, Issues in Science and Technology
Kendrick Frazier , Editor-in-Chief, Skeptical Inquirer
Richard Gallagher , Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, The Scientist
Wolfgang Goede , Science News Editor, P.M. Magazine (Germany); co-founder, World Federation of Science Journalists
Kevin Grandia, Manager, DeSmogBlog.com
Samuel Gubins, Editor-in-Chief and President, Annual Reviews
Evan Hansen, Editor-in-Chief, Wired.com
Stephen Harvey, Co-Lead Attorney for the Plaintiff, Pepper Hamilton LLP, in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District
John Haught , Senior Fellow, Science & Religion, Woodstock Theological Center, Georgetown University
Mark Jannot , Editor-In-Chief, Popular Science and Science Illustrated
Leon Jaroff , Former Science Editor, Time Magazine
Donald Kennedy, Former Editor-in-Chief, Science
Laura Kiessling, Editor-in-Chief, ACS Chemical Biology; Hilldale Professor Of Chemistry, University Of Wisconsin-Madison; MacArthur Foundation Fellow
Michael Lemonick, Freelance Writer and Lecturer, Princeton University
Elizabeth Marincola, President & Publisher, Science News; President, Society for Science & the Public
Emilie Marcus , Editor-in-Chief, Cell
Taryn Mattice , Chaplain, Cornell University
Jennifer Miller , Science Teacher & Dept. Chair, Dover Area High School; 2006 AAAS Scientific Freedom and Responsibility award; 2006 NSTA Presidential Citation
Linda Miller , U.S. Executive Editor, Nature and Nature Journals
Jonathan Moreno , Editor-In-Chief, Science Progress; David and Lyn Silfen University Professor, University Of Pennsylvania
Rick Nelson , Editor-In-Chief, EDN Magazine
Randy Olson , Marine Ecologist, Filmmaker, Flock of Dodos
John Allen Paulos , Professor of Mathematics, Temple University; author Innumeracy
Robert Pennock , Professor of Philosophy of Science, Michigan State University; AAAS Committee on the Public Understanding of Science and Technology
Martin Peretz, Editor-in-Chief emeritus, The New Republic
Ronald Pope, Editor-in-Chief, International Journal On Packaging, Transport, Storage & Security Of Radioactive Material
John Rennie, Science Writer at PLOS BLOGS and Past Editor-in-Chief, Scientific American
Martin Rosenberg, Editor-in-Chief, Energybiz Magazine
Eric Rothschild , Co-Lead Attorney for the Plaintiff, Pepper Hamilton LLP, in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District
Mark Schleifstein , Pulitzer prize-winning Environmental Reporter, New Orleans Times-Picayune
David Schoonmaker, Editor (acting), American Scientist
David Schwimmer, Actor & Director
Michael Shermer , Publisher, Skeptic Magazine
Bobby Shriver , Producer and President of RSS, Inc.
John Siceloff , CEO and President, JumpStart Productions
Peter Sinclair , Producer, Climate Denial Crock of the Week; Creative Director, Greenman Studio
Martha McGeary Snider , Arts Patron; Policy Advisor, Arts And Culture, Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania
Gene Sprouse , Editor-in-Chief, American Physical Society
John Sterling , Editor-in-Chief, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Robert Stern, CEO & Publisher, MedPage Today
Tum Studt, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher, R&D Magazine
Diane Sullenberger, Executive Editor, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)
Ethan Vishniac, Editor-in-Chief, Astrophysical Journal
Timothy Wheeler , President, Society Of Environmental Journalists
Jamie Wilson, Editor-in-Chief, Nature Immunology

Organizations supporting the call

Academy of Natural Sciences
Allegheny College
Alliance for Science & Technology Research in America
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
American Association of Immunologists
American Association of Physical Anthropologists
American Association of Physicists in Medicine
American Chemical Society
American Dental Association
American Economics Group, Inc.
American Geophysical Union (AGU)
American Humanist Association
American Institute of Biological Sciences
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering
American Institute of Physics
American Mathematical Society
American Museum of Natural History
American Physical Society
American Psychological Association
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
American Society for Cell Biology
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Society of Landscape Architects
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
American Society of Plant Biologists
American Statistical Association
The American University
Annual Reviews
Arizona State University
The Aspen Institute
Aspen Science Center
Association of American Medical Colleges
Association of Nature Center Administrators
Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP)
Association of Science-Technology Centers
Association for Women in Mathematics
Association for Women in Science
Astrophysical Journal
Barnard College
The Biophysical Society
The Brain Trauma Foundation
The Carnegie Institution of Washington
California State University,Monterey Bay
Case Western Reserve University (CWRU)
Chemical Heritage Foundation
Civilian Research and Development Foundation
Center for Inquiry
Center for Science Writings, Stevens Institute of Technology
Columbia University
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
Cornell University
The Council on Competitiveness
The Council on Undergraduate Research
Cosmos Studios
Dickinson College
Drexel University
Duke University
EarthSky Communications
Ecological Society of America
The Endocrine Society
Entomological Society Of America
Federation of Behavioral, Psychological, & Cognitive Sciences
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)
Florida Citizens for Science
Foundation for the Advancement of Behavioral & Brain Sciences
Fox Chase Cancer Center
The Franklin Institute Science Museum
Friends of the Earth
Geological Society of America
Georgia Institute of Technology
Great Lakes Science Center
The Hastings Center
Highlands Coalition
Humboldt University
Illinois Institute of Technology
Illinois Science Council
Independent Colleges Office
The Institute for Science and Human Values
The Institute of Medicine
Issues in Science and Technology Magazine
Johns Hopkins University
Kavli Institute For Theoretical Physics
Kenyon College
Kettering University
Lawrence University
Lerner Research Institute, The Cleveland Clinic
Macalester College
Manhattanville College
Materials Research Society
Michigan Technological University
Museum of Science Boston
The National Academy of Engineering
The National Academy of Sciences
National Association Of Graduate-Professional Students
National Center for Manfuacturing Sciences
National Center for Science Education
National Emergency Preparedness Coordinating Council
National Postdoctoral Association
National Wildlife Federation
Natural Science Collections Alliance
Nature Immunology
The New School
New York Hall of Science
New York University
Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences at Duke University
North Carolina State University
Northwestern University
NOVA Television Series
NOW, PBS weekly TV news program
Oberlin College
Pacific Science Center
Partners HealthCare System
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Planetary Science Institute
Plenty Magazine
Pomona College
Popular Science Magazine
Population Connection
Presidential Climate Action Project
R&D Magazine
Renewable Natural Resources Foundation
Research Corporation
Rochester Institute Of Technology
Saint Francis University
The Santa Fe Institute
Sarah Lawrence College
Science Magazine
Science Friday, Inc
Science Illustrated Magazine
Science Museum of Minnesota
The Science Network
Science Progress
Scientific American Magazine
The Scientist Magazine
Scientists and Engineers for America
Secular Coalition for America
Seed Media Group, Seed Magazine, and ScienceBlogs
Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)
SETI Institute
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
Skeptic Magazine
Skeptical Inquirer Magazine
Skeptics Society
Smith College
Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
Society for Neuroscience
Society for Science & the Public
Society for Women's Health Research
Society of Women Engineers
Southeastern Universities Research Association
SRI International
Stanford University
State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA)
Student Society for Stem Cell Research (SSSCR)
Sunshine Week
Sweet Briar College
Technology Student Association
Towson University
Tri-State University
Tufts University
The Union of Concerned Scientists
University of Arizona
University at Buffalo, State University of New York
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Riverside
University of Cincinnati
University City Science Center
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
University of Maryland
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
University of Massachusetts
University of Minnesota
University of Notre Dame
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
University of The Sciences in Philadelphia
University of Texas at Dallas
University of Washington
U.S. Metric Association
Virginia Tech
Wesleyan University
Western Michigan University
Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
Widener University
The Wilderness Center
The Will Steger Foundation
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)