Election Year 2020: Important Dates


Feb 19: Ninth Democratic debate in Las Vegas
Feb 22: NV Democratic caucus
Feb 25: 10th Democratic debate in Charleston
Feb 29: SC Democratic primary


Mar 3: Super Tuesday. (AL, AR, CA, CO, ME, MA, MN, NC, OK, TN, TX, UT, VT, Dem+Rep primaries; VA Democratic primary; Democratic caucus: American Samoa. Democrats Abroad primary.)
Mar 4: Supreme Court hears oral arguments in a challenge to the constitutionality of a restrictive Louisiana abortion law
Mar 10: ID, MI, MS, MO, WA Dem+Rep primaries; ND Democratic primary
Mar 12: Virgin Islands Rep caucus
Mar 14: Guam Rep caucus; Northern Mariana Dem caucus; WY Rep convention
Mar 17: FL, IL, OH Dem+Rep primaries; AZ Dem primary; Northern Mariana Rep caucus
Mar 24: GA Dem+Rep primaries; American Samoa Rep caucus
Mar 27: ND Rep convention
Mar 29: Puerto Rico Dem primary


Apr 1: Census Day!
Apr 4: LA Dem+Rep primaries; AK and HI dem primary; WY Dem caucus
Apr 7: WI Dem+Rep primaries
April 22-24: Earth Day and climate mobilization
Apr 28: CT, DE, MD, NY, PA, RI Dem+Rep primaries


May 2: KS Dem primary; Guam Dem caucus
May 5: IN Dem+Rep primaries
May 12: NB, WV Dem+Rep primaries
May 19: KY, OR Dem+Rep primaries



Jun 2: DC, MT, NJ, NM, SD Dem+Rep primaries
Jun 6: Virgin Islands Dem caucus
Jun 7: Puerto Rico Rep primary
mid-June: Supreme Court’s term ends (several major cases on the docket, including LGTBQ worker protections and DACA)


July 13-16: Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee
July 24-Aug 9: Summer Olympics in Tokyo
July 31-Sept 8: Congress takes a 38 day summer recess


Aug: Congress on recess
Aug 24-27: Republican National Convention in Charlotte


Sep 8: Congress back in session
Sep 18: Early voting begins (varies state by state)
Sep 22: National Voter Registration Day
Sep 29: 1st presidential debate of the general election in South Bend, IN
Sep 30: Deadline for passing government funding bills


Oct 7: Vice presidential debate in Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 15: 2nd presidential debate in Ann Arbor, MI
Oct 22: 3rd and final presidential debate Nashville TN


Nov 4: The US is set to complete its withdrawal from the Paris climate accord

Source: Science Rising